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Sketch for Teams at VA

Design teams at VA use Sketch for Teams to view, share, and collaborate on our work.

Only designers actively working on products at can be added to Sketch for Teams. Once you have been added, you may access the VA Component Symbol Library in the cloud.

Get added to Sketch for Teams

  1. Go to and create a Sketch account.
  2. In the #design channel in Slack, ping a Sketch for Teams admin (currently Kevin Hoffman) requesting to be added.
  3. Receive the invite via email, accept the invitation.
  4. Boom, you’re in!

Using Sketch for Teams

Sketch for Teams contains a few important features that help teams work together:

  • Files (including libraries) live in the cloud, rather than locally on your machine
  • You receive library updates automatically (a big advantage of using Sketch for Teams)
  • You can see what everyone else is working on in the VA workspace
  • Developers can inspect any element on a page

To get started on a new project, there are only a couple of steps:

  1. Duplicate and rename the Sketch for Teams Template in your team’s folder.
  2. In the Sketch app, go to Sketch > Preferences > Libraries and add the Component Symbol Library.

Leaving Sketch for Teams

People change projects frequently, and we have a limited number of licenses for Sketch for Teams. If you roll off work at VA or no longer use Sketch for Teams, please email Kevin Hoffman.

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Last updated: Aug 14, 2023