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Experimental Design

Suggested by: Liz Lantz, VSA Authenticated Experience Team

Input message

This input message is variation of our validation message pattern. It provides helpful, in-context information about an input, either before or immediately after a Veteran interacts with an input (e.g. on a form input that auto-saves).










Code reference

Radio inputs for notification settings


When to use this variation

This message pattern is a mobile friendly, in-line way to communicate information about inputs. It was developed to entice users to take an action on an optional input, and has 4 states:

  • Success (green) communicates the successful update of information, via an API call
  • Warning (yellow) draws attention to an input, usually before an API call is made.
  • Error (red) communicates the failure of an update of information, via an API call
  • Information (blue) draws attention to an input, usually before an API call is made.

When to consider something else

If you need to tell the Veteran they’ve missed a required field on an application, or they’ve entered data in the wrong format, use the current error pattern instead.

How to use Input Messages

  • Keep message content short.
  • Use the feedback icons from the design system.
  • Use the success, warning, error states on forms that don’t require the user to click a button to submit the form.

Other input message styles

Error messages

  • When a user is filling out an online application, use the current error pattern when a user has
    • missed a required field
    • entered data incorrectly

Accessibility considerations

  • Icon needs to have alternative text (use sr-only text or an aria-label) so screen readers have an equivalent understanding of the purpose/nature of the message.

  • When the message changes after a user interacts with an input, use aria-live="polite" to announce the change.

Research findings

  • No research conducted as of 8/16/21.
  • Internal usability study with colleagues who are also Veterans planned for late Aug/early Sept 2021.
  • External study planned for notification settings post-MVP Oct/Nov 2021.
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Last updated: Aug 18, 2021