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Link - Deep content

Use with caution: Candidate
Jennifer Lee


Example of the link, deep content style.
An example of the link, deep content style.


The purpose of the Link - Deep content icon (aka Copy deep link) is to help make navigating and finding information on very long pages a little easier. It does this in 2 ways, by:

  1. Letting users to easily copy the URL of a deep content (H3 subsection or information inside an accordion).
  2. Linking people (who received and clicked on the deep link URL) directly to the deep content.


The URLs of deep links must be unique while also providing some information scent. To meet the needs of both requirements, the URLs of deep links are autogenerated using this pattern:

  • Take the page root URL and add on the first 30 characters of the H3 section or accordion title text plus the entity ID number.
  • Example:

See ticket #22385 for details.


Diagram showing which text is read when a user interacts with the link deep content icon.
A screen reader should read the accordion text when the user selects the link, deep content icon.
  • On hover, the Link - Deep content icon state inverts.
  • When a user clicks/taps on the Link - Deep content icon, the icon shows a focus state and a message displays that the link has been copied.
  • The focus state and message remain for 10 seconds (or until the user acts on another Link - Deep content icon).

Clicking on the URL that was shared

When a recipient clicks/taps on the URL that was sent to them, they’re brought directly to the location of that deep content on the page.

  • When the deep content is inside an accordion, the accordion is open on landing.
  • When the deep content is not in an accordion but in an H3 subsection, the user-recipient is simply taken to that specific H3 subsection.

Code usage

Accessibility considerations

  • On clicking/tapping, use a live-region to announce the “Link copied” text and keep the focus on the button.
  • The accessible label will contain relevant, content specific titles for the screen reader to announce, e.g. “Copy link to [How can I stay informed about COVID-19 vaccines at VA]”.
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Last updated: Jun 01, 2022