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Breakpoints uses media queries to support responsive design. It is constructed using a mobile-first approach, meaning that styles are written by default for mobile devices and scaled up for larger viewports.

Names and values

There are six key breakpoints where the design of any page layout, utility, or component may change.

Breakpoint sass variable Width
$xsmall-screen 320px
$small-screen 481px
$medium-screen 768px
$small-desktop-screen 1008px
$large-screen 1201px

What if you need to create a different breakpoint?

In some cases, you will need to have a breakpoint that is not included in the core set. This should only be done sparingly and only in cases where the design element reaches a stress point that cannot resolved through modifying the design. This breakpoint should be declared locally within a .scss partial and named to reflect the element it pertains.

$nav-width: 702px;

.theoretical-nav {
  //Some styles

  @include media($nav-width) {
    //Some styles

Sass mixins

The CSS library includes the @media mixin to make it easier for developers to create breakpoints in their styles.

@include media($medium-screen) {
  //Some styles

This is will compile to:

@media screen and (min-width:768px) {
  //Some styles

Using the Sass mixin

You may place the @media mixin inside of a selector or places selectors inside of a @media mixin, whichever option makes the code you are writing easiest for other developers to understand. Always start with the smaller breakpoint and work your way up to larger ones.

.some-component {
  margin: units(1);

  @include media($medium-screen) {
    margin: units(2);

  @include media($large-screen) {
    margin: units(3);
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Last updated: Feb 20, 2024