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Ask users for…


Use: Deployed
Follow this pattern whenever you need to ask for a person's name for an application.


When to use this pattern

  • When you need to collect a person’s name. For example, for contact information or to complete an application.

Note: These fields are not on every form. Work with your stakeholders to determine what fields are necessary for your application.


Shows the form fields used to obtain first, middle, and last name.
Example of asking for first, middle, and last names.

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How to design and build

How this pattern works

The fullNamePattern implements the following:

  • First name and last name are required fields. Middle name and suffix fields are optional. Mother’s maiden name field is not on every form.
  • Make sure name fields work for most veterans. Fields must be long enough to accommodate the names of your users. Do not restrict the types of characters users can enter in any of these fields. Names can include characters outside the standard Roman alphabet.

Content considerations

Error message templates for names

When a user doesn’t enter their first name

Say ‘Please enter a first name’

When a user doesn’t enter their last name

Say ‘Please enter a last name’

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Last updated: Aug 21, 2023