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What’s new?

The latest news and updates on the Design System, Forms library and the Content style guide.

Summer 2023

The team continues to focus on building out new variations of our components based on USWDS v3.

New and updated components

USWDS v3-based components

  • Added va-accordion USWDS v3 variation by @powellkerry in #728
  • Added Additional info v3 by @harshil1793 in #703
  • Added va-breadcrumbs: Add USWDS variation by @harshil1793 in #711
  • va-icon: Add new web component @it-harrison in #772
  • Added va-process-list: Add USWDS variation by @ataker in #770

Bug fixes

A long list of bug fixes can be found in our component release notes.

Content style guide updates

Deprecated React components

  • Table
  • CheckboxGroup

Spring 2023

The team has mainly focused on building out new variations of our form components based on USWDS v3. However, we’ve also made the changes below.

New and updated components

See the component-library release notes for more detailed issues on component fixes.

Content style guide updates

New entries in Word list

  • Defense Department
  • Department of Defense
  • Edith Nourse Rogers STEM Scholarship
  • PACT Act
  • Service-connected disability rating

Deprecated React components

  • DropdownPanel
  • ProgressButton
  • RadioButtons
  • SystemDownView

Sketch Library updates

  • Added the aforementioned new Form components (Autosave, Need help?, Penalty notice, Prefill)
  • Templates library now uses the correct header and footer throughout.
  • Reorganized patterns to match new naming and nav structure.
  • Added sidenav mobile menu.

Documentation updates

Winter 2022-2023

New and updated components

  • Updated the Link - Collection component to add an example of a Section collection.
  • Added SMS option to va-telephone component
  • Added autocomplete prop to va-text-input
  • Tagalog translation added to va-text-input
  • Tagalog translation added to va-accordion
  • Added calendar variation to va-link

Deprecated React components

  • AcceptTerms
  • HelpMenu
  • IconHelp
  • PrivacyAgreement

Sketch Library updates

  • Accordion - Two-line header variation
  • Alert - Action link variation for sign-in/tool prompt alert
  • Link - Calendar variation
  • USWDS upgrade - New symbols for four USWDS components: Radio button, Text input, Memorable date, and US Banner

Documentation updates

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Last updated: Aug 02, 2023