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Banner - Promo

Use: Deployed
A promo banner is fixed content at the bottom of the viewport used for dismissible announcements such as new tools, news, etc.



See this in Storybook


When to use va-promo-banner and when to consider something else


  • Use for information that is safe to dismiss and can be accessed in other parts of
  • Be succinct
  • Allow the user to dismiss
  • Retire promo banners after 30 days from initial posting or sooner, as specified by requestor


  • Don’t use for critical information
  • Don’t write content that will be more than 3 lines on a mobile device
  • Don’t prevent user from dismissing
  • Use more than one at a time

How to use Promo banners

  • Add text, an href prop, an id, and a type prop to the component to have data displayed a the bottom of the viewport with an icon associated with the type chosen.


  • Announcement
    • Pertains to content focused on benefits: a new tool, a new online benefit application, etc.
  • Email Signup
    • Points to email signups for various VA updates / alerts / communications.
  • News
    • Pertains to newly received or noteworthy information about the VA.

Code usage

Attributes and Properties

Property Attribute Type Default Description
disableAnalytics disable-analytics boolean false Analytics tracking function(s) will not be called
href href string `href` attribute for the anchor tag.
type type "announcement" | "email-signup" | "news" Controls which icon gets used. Options are 'announcement', 'news', or 'email-signup'.


Name Description
closeEvent Fires when the component is closed by clicking on the close icon.
component-library-analytics The event used to track usage of the component. This is emitted when an anchor link or the dismiss icon is clicked and disableAnalytics is not true.

Accessibility considerations

  • By default the close button will have an aria-label of Dismiss this promo banner.
  • For all icon elements aria-hidden="true" will be added to the element.
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Last updated: Jan 30, 2024