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Date input

Use: Deployed
Use the date input component to help users enter a date they would know or a date they can approximate.



View va-date in Storybook


View va-date month/year variant in Storybook

With hint text

View va-date with hint text in Storybook

With a custom required message

View va-date with a custom required message in Storybook

Default with error

View va-date with error in Storybook

With hint text and error

View va-date with hint text and error in Storybook

With custom validation

View va-date with custom validation in Storybook


When to use date input

  • Use a month, day, year date input component for a date a user knows, like a date of birth or marriage. (Example: July 21, 1992).
  • Use the month year variant for a date a user can approximate, like a date they graduated from high school or a GED equivalent. (Example: May 2010)

When to consider something else

If users are trying to schedule something, consider using a calendar picker.

Note: We do not currently have a calendar picker as part of the design system. For reference, visit the VA online scheduling tool (VAOS) to see an experimental version of a calendar picker.

How to use date inputs

  • The component consists of two select boxes for month and day inputs and a text input for year input. For those components please check the usability guidance for select boxes and text inputs
  • For the month select box, provide the user unabbreviated months to choose from. Example: January


By default all date components have the following validation:

  • Cannot have blank values
  • Month and Day must be valid numbers
  • The Year cannot fall outside of the range of 1900 through the current year plus 100 years

The option to add custom validation is available as well.

Code usage

Attributes and Properties

Property Attribute Type Default Description
enableAnalytics enable-analytics boolean false Whether or not an analytics event will be fired.
error error string The error message to render (if any) This prop should be leveraged to display any custom validations needed for this component
hint hint string Optional hint text.
invalidDay invalid-day boolean false
invalidMonth invalid-month boolean false
invalidYear invalid-year boolean false
label label string Label for the field.
monthYearOnly month-year-only boolean false Whether or not only the Month and Year inputs should be displayed.
name name string Used to create unique name attributes for each input.
required required boolean false Render marker indicating field is required.
value value string Set the default date value must be in YYYY-MM-DD format.


Name Description
component-library-analytics The event used to track usage of the component. This is emitted when an input value changes and enableAnalytics is true.
dateBlur Fires when the date input loses focus
dateChange Fires when the date input loses focus after its value was changed

Accessibility considerations

Follow text input and select box guidance. The component consists of two select boxes for month and day inputs and a text input for year input.

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Last updated: Feb 13, 2024