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Content style guide

Government forms

We often need to talk about or direct people to VA and other government forms, such as U.S. Department of Defense forms (DD forms) for Veterans.

In body copy

In general, we try to err on the side of clarity when we need to tell people about a form.

Because VA form names tend to be very long, they’re not always easy for Veterans to scan and quickly grasp. In some cases, it may be more helpful to talk about a form as a task and then mention the form number, rather than always referencing the full name and number.

  • OK: Complete the Request for and Authorization to Release Protected Health Information to Health Information Exchanges (VA Form 10-0485).

  • Better: To give us permission to share your medical information, fill out VA Form 10-0485.

In the first instance of body copy, lead with the name of the form, then the form number in parentheses. Use “VA Form” in front of the number: VA Form SGLV 8286.

  • First mention: Use the Health Benefits Update form (VA Form 10-10EZR) to update your personal, financial, and insurance information.

After the first mention, refer to it by VA Form plus the form number by itself. Ideally, try to recast the sentence to refer to it generically, if you can do so without losing clarity about what form we’re referring to.

  • After first mention: Send the completed VA Form 10-10EZR and any supporting documents to us.
  • Or: Send the completed form and any supporting documents to us.

In CTA links, headers, subheaders, page titles, and other UI elements, use the form number. Again, this is in general for most situations. Be sure to reference the full form name somewhere close by or in context, so it’s more helpful to Veterans what the form is for.


Many Veterans refer to certain forms by their more common, casual name. For example, DD214 instead of the official Department of Defense form name, DD Form 214. For forms like these, we refer to them by the term that Veterans understand. These exceptions are noted in the list of forms.

  • Like this: Find out how to request your military records, including your DD214, through milConnect.

Common government forms

For VA forms not listed here, go to Find a VA form. DD forms are Department of Defense forms.

Form number Form name
DD Form 214 Certificate of Release of Discharge from Active Duty
(commonly called DD214 or discharge or separation papers)
DD Form 149 Application for Correction of Military Record
(commonly called DD149)
DD Form 293 Application for the Review of Discharge or Dismissal
(commonly called DD293)
VA Form SGLV 8283 Claim for Death Benefits
VA Form SGLV 8286 Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance Election and Certificate
VA Form SGLV 8600 Application for TSGLI Benefits
VA Form SGLV 8715 Application for the Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (SGLI) Disability Extension
VA Form SGLV 8721 VGLI Beneficiary Designation/Change
VA Form 9 Substantive Appeal
VA Form 10-0103 Veterans Application for Assistance in Acquiring Home Improvements and Structural Alterations
VA Form 10-10EC Application for Extended Care Services
VA Form 10-10EZ Application for Health Benefits
VA Form 10-10EZR Health Benefits Update Form
VA Form 10-1394 Application for Adaptive Equipment—Motor Vehicle
VA Form 10-8678 Application for Annual Clothing Allowance
VA Form 1100 Agreement to Pay Indebtedness
VA Form 21-22a Appointment of Veterans Service Organization
VA Form 21-526EZ Disability Compensation and Related Compensation Benefits
VA Form 21-4138 Statement in Support of Claim
VA Form 21-4502 Application for Automobile or Other Conveyance and Adaptive Equipment
VA Form 21-0958 Notice of Disagreement
VA Form 22-1990 Application for VA Education Benefits
VA Form 22-1990e Application for Family Member to Use Transferred Benefits
VA Form 22-1990t Application for Individualized Tutorial Assistance
VA Form 22-1999 VA Enrollment Certificate
VA Form 22-5490 Dependents’ Application for VA Education Benefits
VA Form 26-4555 Application in Acquiring Specially Adaptive Housing or Special Home Adaptation Grant
VA Form 29-4125 Claim for One Sum Payment
VA Form 29-541 Certificate Showing Residence and Heirs of Deceased Veteran
VA Form 4107 Your Rights to Appeal our Decision
VA Form 5655 Financial Status Report
Last updated: May 10, 2021