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Process list

Use: Deployed
The process list, also known as the subway map, is used in a static informational context to describe the process to apply for a benefit or to provide tracking information to a user where they are in a given process.


View va-process-list in Storybook


When to use a process list

  • When users need to see a list of sequential steps.
  • In a multi-step process where the user may need to track progress over an extended period.

When to consider something else

  • The list is a checklist.
  • The information is not sequential.

How to use a process list

  • Can be used to display up to 20 steps.
  • List headings should start with a verb.
  • Make headings clear and concise. You can always write more content in paragraphs and other HTML elements below the heading.
  • Do not stack.
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Last updated: May 03, 2022