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Use: Deployed
Informs the user that information from their profile has been used to prefill form fields.



Note: Since you’re signed in to your account, we can prefill part of your application based on your account details. You can also save your application in progress and come back later to finish filling it out.


We've prefilled some of your information from your account. If you need to correct anything, you can edit the form fields below.


When to use

  • When prefilling information from the user’s profile. These messages communicate to the user that their profile information has been leveraged to pre-populate the form that they are filling out. The Intro variation, used on the Introduction page, also informs the user that their progress will be saved as they complete the form.

When to consider something else

  • Unauthenticated users. Users who are unauthenticated should not see this message as we cannot use their profile data to prefill the form.

How this component works


  • The Intro variation of this component appears after the subtitle of the form and before the action link to start the form process on the authenticated variation of the Form - Introduction page.
  • The Step variation of this component appears after the Progress bar - Segmented component on a step of the form.

Code usage

Code for both variations of this component is shown in the examples.

Content considerations

Message content for both variations can be found in engagement messages.

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Last updated: Feb 13, 2024