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This is our house style guide for the website. It’s shared across VA administrations and teams, so we can speak with one voice and create a consistent, helpful experience for Veterans and non-Veteran customers. This style guide is a living document and will change over time, based on user research and feedback.

See our content principles for the house voice and tone, and the foundation for how we practice language for and with Veterans in mind.

What you’ll find in this style guide

We’ve organized the style guide into searchable topics, so you can go directly to the section you need guidance on. This guide covers common issues on It does not cover basic writing mechanics and grammar. (We assume you know those already.)

We follow plain language and web best practices. Where we vary from standard practices, we call them out in the word list or as a topic section.

For issues not covered in this style guide, refer to:

Suggestions or questions about the content style guide? Email us at with “Content style guide” in the subject line.

If you’re looking for VA governance requirements—such as compliance, policies, and regulations—please go to VA Web Governance.

Last updated: May 10, 2023