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Components are interactive and non-interactive UI elements that can be grouped together or presented individually. They are independent, reusable chunks of a user interface.

How are components different from patterns?

Components, as noted above, can be considered UI chunks, whereas patterns are design solutions to recurring problems. In Formation, components have a class prefix and patterns, typically built with a combination of components and utility classes, do not.

Components can be considered concrete, a finite list: buttons, accordions, tables, etc. Patterns might be unique to a site or or an application, and may evolve with changes in technology or after competitive analysis.

Naming conventions

Components have class prefix of c, for component.

Adding variants

Any variants to a component should use the BEM syntax. In Formation, you should include both the base class and the modifier class on an element.

<button class="vads-c-button vads-c-button--small"></button>
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Last updated: May 05, 2021